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Special Olympics History

1986 Mr. Lewis gave approval for our CDC class to participate in the Special Olympics Spring Games in Cookeville, TN.

Willie White and Eric Gates were the first student Special Olympics coaches to help with our activities.

1987 We added basketball to our events. This was the first year that we participated in any of the State events, we attended the State Special Olympics games at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

1988 We added bowling and volleyball. Richard Brooks was invited to attend the International Special Olympics Games at Notre Dame University as a delegate with the Tennessee Special Olympics group.

1989 Coach Scott Apple was a student coach. We continued with our events.

1990 Continued with our usual events and added Roller Skating.

1991 This is the year that we had a Special Olympics Fan Club. Some of the members were Brian Brooks, Stephen Enoch, Stanton Webster, Stacy Angel, Jon Kemp, Michael Collins, Michael McKinley, Wayne Hensley, and Alan Scruggs.

1993 We participated in our first Unified Sport, softball. Our peer athletes were Stacey Thrower, Rachel Albritton, Tony Hembree, Todd Comstock, and Grok Gates.

1994 Barbara Fraser became the coach (Mrs. Hembree no longer doing Special Olympics).

1996 Chris Sadler was invited to participate in the International Special Olympics World Games in New Haven, Connecticut. Chris played Tennis. Chris appeared on Good Morning America.

1997 Barbara Nichols was the teacher. Athletes participated in swimming for the first time.

2002 Marvin McDonald became the new CDC teacher.

2010 Mrs. Hembree and Connie Holder re-organized the Smith County High School Special Olympics program. The first county-wide Special Needs Field Day was held, with every school except Gordonsville participating.

2011 Unified sports are re-introduced, with the athletes competing in Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer.