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Chad's Run


          I would greatly appreciate any help you all can offer.  Chad's Run is November 3, and participation is needed to help aid in his care.  He turned 31 this month, and it feels like yesterday when he was my student at age 15.  For those who don't know about Chad's's a little insight.  At age 16, Chad was in a car wreck that caused severe injuries, including brain injury.  By the grace of God, he survived, but he needs substantial care given by his mother.  This money raised from this run is given to his foundation to help his mom care for him 24 hours a day.  This foundation also gives a scholarship to both high schools in the county for a senior scholarship.  Please help encourage students to attend.  If they can't attend, they can still pay the entry fee, and it will go to his foundation.  


          He was a student of mine when he had his accident, and it is as real to me today as it was then.  I would be glad to come speak to your classes or sports group to tell them about Chad.  As the years go by, these young people don't know Chad due to the age difference, but his need is still real.  Just let me know if I can come speak to any.  Thanks.  I have attached the form and will take the form and money.


If you have any Chad's Run forms, I will need these by Friday in order to reserve t-shirts.  I will be making a phone call with shirt sizes around 10.  These can be given to me or placed in my mailbox.  Thanks.  Annette Hord